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About us We turn real estate properties into NFTs Imagine buying a house, refinancing your mortgage, investing and running a real estate portfolio without paperwork and rubber stamps. At Fabrica we make this possible: we make real estate programmable. Trade your (real!) land on OpenSea [], leverage your real estate portfolio on DeFi, finance and use your house in novel ways that have yet to be discovered. We are radical innovators: we focus on long-term impact and settling for incremental improvements is against our nature. We embrace that we’re on the forefront of this opportunity to solve complex regulatory issues. We have the grit, passion and determination to build something incredible. We're backed by impressive VCs and angel investors like Mark Cuban, OpenSea, Sound Ventures, Urban Innovation Fund, Anthemis and Pioneer Fund that support us in the exciting quest of bringing the largest asset class in the world on chain. The opportunity As a Senior Backend Engineer, you’ll lead the design and implementation of core components of our technology. You’ll build software to support today’s product with a long term approach, laying the foundations for tomorrow’s needs. You’ll ensure everything runs smoothly under the hood. The rest of the tech team will rely on the components you’ll build and maintain to execute mission critical operations, safely and with certainty. You’ll document and teach your peers how to use the components and explain your design choices. You’ll have frequent opportunities to showcase your achievements and work daily with the VP of Engineering and CEO to define the tech roadmap. You’ll learn how Real Estate works under the hood and collaborate with other Proptech, Crypto, DeFi and NFT companies. You'll be a pioneer in the space, experimenting, hacking, building and unlocking mind-blowing new use cases for Real Estate. You will improve the reliability, scalability of the platform and the speed at which we ship innovation to our customers. You You have used, played, hacked - and broken things! - using several programming languages. Learning by doing was your motto and you have piled a ton of experience across different tech stacks. You still fall in love for new shiny toys and enjoy new technologies but you're also mature enough to understand when it's better to stick to proven patterns and tools. You believe that good programming is an art: you enjoy getting in the flow and expressing yourself through code. You have secured your foundations in a web2 world and you have already significant experience in web3. You are passionate about all things web3 and your wallet proves it. You HODL and you experiment with new projects as they come out. You keep an eye on the latest EIPs and read through the postmortem of the latest crypto hack. You believe that crypto has the potential to change the way we interact with the world. You're both fun, professional and empathetic. You're ready to embark in a new project: learn, have fun and enjoy the fulfilment of building something meaningful. The team You’ll join a team where everyone - including you - is passionate, bullish (yes, even when it gets cold...) on crypto and fully committed to change the real estate industry. Together, our experience within tech, product development, real estate and financial services give us an edge. Your role is crucial for our success and we'll have your back in every moment: our expertise, time and authentic engagement will be at your disposal to enable you to execute at your best. You’ll be surrounded by a team that will risk, develop, and grow in both good and challenging times. We succeed together. We are a Startup: as one of the first members of the team you’ll face uncertainty, limited resources and problems that - at first - seem impossible to solve. But you’ll also get the extreme gratification and sense of achievement of epic adventures. The Tech Stack We use a blend of decentralized and more traditional solutions, with a tech stack in constant evolution. Regardless of your specific role, you'll be exposed to many different technologies, an incredible opportunity to learn and develop your skill set. Distributed At its core, each real estate property on Fabrica is represented as a standard ERC721 NFT on Ethereum. A tiny bit of core data is stored directly on chain, while metadata is stored statically on IPFS (e.g. legal documents) or served dinamically through webservices (e.g.: NFT picture and animation and attributes that change over time). In its current implementation, it's a pretty simple single smartcontract and we are designing a more extended approach to provide an higher degree of decentralization and shift more of the logic on chain. Backend We have public APIs that provide additional data and context (periodically refreshed) on the properties that are tracked by our smartcontract, as well as private webservices that are used by our frontend application for different tasks, such as generating PDFs from templates and process administrative tasks linked to real estate transactions. Most of our backend architecture runs on, with some old legacy code that we're migrating from AWS lambdas. We're also moving from a traditional REST approach toward GraphQL. Frontend Our (new, not live yet!) frontend runs on Next.js / React and it's hosted on Vercel. We use Flowbite & Tailwind for most of our components, and we rely heavily on Mapbox GL to present spatial data and let users interact visually with the properties they own. The app connects directly with user wallets in a non custodial fashion. It relays on backend webservices for processes that require several steps with external integrations (example: when a new property is created, we need to generate all the legal docs starting from templates, get the docs signed with a notary and then record the signed docs with the local county). Within one month you will: Learn what happens in the lifecycle of a property on Fabrica from a technical perspective Learn the key processes that happen in a Real Estate transaction and how we redesigned it on Fabrica Get familiar with all the components in our stack by reviewing the code Complete your first engineering project and 🚢 to production Within three months you will: Integrate an external data provider to embed a dynamic real estate dataset in our NFTs Identify components that are critical from a security perspective and refactor them Design, build and ship your first big feature: an oracle on chain connected to one of our endpoints Enjoy your first company off site! Within six months you will: Improve our template system to generate legal documents in several different regions Ship a key component to monitor real estate properties off-chain events Have a clear understanding of what needs to be build over the next 12 months and have several ideas for new services Help reviewing an upgrade to our main NFT Smartcontract Within twelve months you will: Have full ownership of a key system (e.g.: NFT scoring) with a roadmap of improvements Help onboarding new peers to the team Experiment using AI&ML to analize old ownership documents from county records Shipped a new system that constantly monitors NFT events on chain and triggers processes to fullfil administrative duties with local governments Blog about the launch of feature you designed that you're super proud of Your skill set: CS degree or equivalent experience Exceptional knowledge of Javascript, TypeScript, Node.js Solid foundations in design patterns and complex service architectures Proficient knowledge of Database technologies - RDBMS, NoSQL Proficient in the use of version control / source code management tools Proficient in distributed system concepts and EVM blockchains Proficient in GraphQL Knowledge of front-end web technologies (HTML/CSS) and React Knowledge of security patterns, authentications systems and best practices Knowledge of AWS, basic linux administration, lambdas, database services Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (preferred) Solid Experience in Solidity: patterns and tools of development on EVM (preferred) Experience in the real estate or finance industry

Salary range

Annual salary: $90k-180k
Equity: 0.7%-1.2%

Fully Remote (USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America)

Remote work: Work from anywhere, get together with the rest of the team every 3 months for a few days!

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